Human Design

​A weekend immersion into 'Human Design'.

​“Human Design” is the foundation course for the study and understanding of the Human Design System. It introduces you to your own Design which will empower your true self in your decision-making. As we learn more about our Human Design, we enter a fascinating process of self-examination and self-transformation. In this course, we will cover all of the basic elements of Human Design, bringing a solid foundation for you to work with. This includes exploring the 9 Centers in the context of the Human Design Bodygraph and in seeing how the 4 Types emerge from the energetic frequency of the Aura, allowing you to source into your own unique pathways to empowered decision making. Each student will have their own chart created and available to use in the course.

What the Course will bring you…

Learning to understand Human Design can spark a dynamic path of self-inquiry and engage you into a new comprehension of your life. In the ‘Living your Human Design’ weekend, we move towards engaging your internal gifts and talents, so you can apply them in a living way. This weekend will encourage you to awaken to your true self step-by-step, while moving through each center and the process of de-conditioning.

The ‘Living your Human Design’ course will give you a practical knowledge of the Bodygraph, of the 4 Types, the Strategy of the 4 Types and of each design’s unique Authority. We will look at the creative potential of open centers for perception and learning; as well as the pain of conditioning that has come throughout life. 

Human Design gives us a resource to support us in our awakening process and in finding our own true voice for expression. 

Throughout the weekend we will learn the mechanics of Human Design, as well as use inquiry and journaling through wild-mind writing; having time for sharing, asking questions, and hearing the experiences of others. This is all to support your unique path of self-discovery and fulfillment - and allow for you to experience your own unique perspective. What will come is your own beautifully practical, personal and elegant path of enhancing your own self-awareness and bring a sense of our connectedness to ourselves and others.


Darshana Mathews, read more about what Human Design is about here

Friday 31. March at 4:00 pm. until Sunday 2. April at 4:00 pm.​


EUR 440 / DKK 3300.00
​Senior citizens, students and unemployed: EUR 387 / DKK 2900.00


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