Reclaime your Breath

​"RyB" is an official TBF Introductory Training that allows one to learn about the Three Levels of Transformational Breath® and experience them in four to five very powerful breathing sessions.

RyB is a perfect way to explore and experience Transformational Breath® with minimal commitment and maximum result.

Many take RyB prior to the other more intensive events (i.e. 6-day Seminar or separate Levels I - III). We learn about our own unique breathing pattern, begin opening our breath, and feel dramatic shifts in the flow of our lives as a result; then progressing into using the breath to clear negativity in the subconscious and understand how Transformational Breath® clears cellular memory in a scientific way.

Discover how and why we use the breath to create more Spiritual awareness and opening to our Spiritual gifts. Tools and instruction are given so one can continue the gift of Transformational Breath® at home.

There will also be meditation, movements and the possibility to explore the beautiful nature around the place.

Friday the 10th March until Sunday the 12th March

Price: 530,-/485,- Euro.

Danish Kr.: 3975,-/3600,-.

NO PREREQUISITES with Introductory Trainings.

NOT required for Professional Certification.

OBS.: the weekend can be extended with one extra day and night, so we have breathing in watersession Thursday, and extra breathing and walking in nature on Friday. Please write, when you sign in, if you want a extra day and night. Price for that is 160 Euro or 1200,- Danish kroner all inclusive.


Breathing while floating weightless in comforting warm, carrying water. To me that sounds as heaven..

Warm water breathing allows us to go deep within ourselves to heal and let go old pattern and habits. Thereby giving space to new ideas, new creativity to been born. Water breathing is healing, transforming, relaxing and space-creating.

Led by Co-trainer Gjalt Vlam, assisted by Certified facilitator Linnea Beek Hansen

and Facilitator Interns.

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