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Would you like to learn how to make your own delicious, beautiful and holistic coffee for your self and your loved ones? Here's the opportunity!

Baristas combine espresso and milk in a holistic manner. It is the art of making the perfect milk froth with the right temperature and texture, so it will compliment the perfect espresso in taste and appearance.

The outcome is not just an espresso with milk anymore. It transforms into an entirely different hot beverage called “barista coffee”.

The process of making a barista coffee requires technique, visualisation and creativity (because it happens to the best, that sometimes it does not turn out as visualized).

And Steffi (the barista trainer) believes that the more you learn to be a barista and learn to creatively transform messed up patterns, the more solution orientated you will become in life, too.

* You will learn how to make the perfect espresso

* You will learn how to froth the perfect smooth and silky milk froth

* You will learn how to make simple but effective latte art patterns

Only 25 % is theory and 75% of the course is acitve practicing on the coffee machine!

The course is for everyone, who wants to learn more about the art of coffee and of course for people working in cafes using espresso machines.

​Tuesday September 1st from 19 o'clock undtil 21.30 o'clock


Kr. 400



Skovcaféen is located at The Holistic Course Centre (Den Holistiske Højskole)

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Barista trainer, Steffi, will lovingly guide you through an evening where you will be your own amateur barista. You can read more about Steffi here (in Danish) here.

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