Stensbæk Forest Café

Open on sundays in April-September from 10.00 am. until 04.00​ pm.

Stensbæk Forest Café is a part of Stensbæk - The Holistic Folk School, if you are in the area around the café, please come by and say hello. If you enjoy reading we have a mini library from where you can borrow a book or magazine from.
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​We look forward to see you.

Hot Drinks:
​Coffee, Espresso, Caffe Latte, Americano, Cappuccino, Iced Coffee with mocha or vanilla, Herb Tea.
Cold drinks:
​Organic Juice with. Elderflower, Bloodorange, or Rhubarb.​

​Homemade delights:
Walnut Coffee cake, Carrot cake, Banana muffins, Chocolate Chip cookis, Tahini caramel chocolate piece (no sugar or dairies), Bliss balls (no gluten, sugar or dairies.)

​We don't accept creditcards.

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The vision of The Holistic Course Centre: 

May every human being experience a life in peace and freedom.

Stensbæk - The holistic centre

Stensbækvej 29

6510 Gram

Phone: ​+45 51 36 18 09​


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