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Discover yourself through Human Design - a synthesis of mystical and scientific wisdom

​Western Astrology, the 64 hexagrams of the I’Ching, The Kabbalah’s Tree of Life and the Hindu-Brahmin Chakra Model in addition to Modern Science (biology, quantum physics, biochemistry) and Genetics. Often referred to as ‘The Science of Awakening’ and ‘The Science of Differentiation,’ the combination of knowledge, opens up our cognition to both realise and accept how we are specifically designed differently from those around us.

Then to experiment with experiencing ourselves as unique beings transforms one’s life. It also makes our lives so much more interesting and satisfying. It is not a belief system. The wonderful thing about this science is that there is an immediate ‘self recognition’ of the truth of who you are when you hear it. It is tremendously self affirming and it is common for those who come into contact with this knowledge to begin to relax and their lives go through an inner transformation as they begin to experiment with living their lives as themselves. We are connected to others through the aura. Information and energies are exchanged aurically creating conditioning - through the science of Human Design this imprinting can be explained and experienced.

Each of us is a unique ‘antenna’. We have ‘receptors’ where we take in and filter energy from the outside. We also ‘emit’ energy outwards which is how we touch and impact the other.

The Human Design BodyGraph

The Human Design BodyGraph shows us the map of all the possible ways that we can be imprinted. There will be theoretical sections of the workshop as fundamental layers of differentiation are explained. There will also be experiential exercises and comparisons as the truth of our difference is clearly seen in a self-evident and obvious manner.

In this workshop you will..:

• Discover yourself at levels of uniqueness not possible to know without this technology.

• Know experientially and intellectually how you are different from others and be able to acknowledge and recognise your true uniqueness.

• Have a practical strategy to navigate through your life according to who you really are and make future decisions that work for you.

• Have your questions answered at last.

• Enjoy many direct experiences of the truth that you can verify for yourself through immediate selfrecognition that can be deeply confirming and healing at a deep level.

• Have a great deal of fun while you are being inspired and allow your consciousness to expand in ways previously unknown.

• Leave on Sunday with a new outlook on yourself and your life with practical tools that can be utilised to bring lasting positive repercussions in your life.

Course leader Richard Beaumont:

Richard is one of the world’s foremost authorities on Human Design. With this course he is going to make a rare visit to Denmark to run this workshop. He has more than 20 years of experience in this knowledge and was one of the few longterm direct students of the man who founded the system.

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Special note:

All participants need to send in their date, time and place of birth with their booking fee. If time of birth is not known and cannot be discovered, then we will be in touch to ascertain whether or not you are able to attend.

Early booking is advised.


​Friday September 4th 4 pm. until Sunday September 6th 4 pm.


Course price:

​DKK 3325,- / 2990,- in double room (registration and payment of the full amount before February 29 2020)

​DKK 3500,- / 3320,- i dobbeltværelse (registration and payment after February 29 2020)

​The lower prices are for unemplyoed, students and senior citizens.

​Extra fee for single room DKK 450.


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