​Presence of BreathTM

​"POB" is an official TBF Introductory Training, based on the RYB core material. It is a dynamic event that highlights two very powerful integrative tools to give you insight into a deeper understanding of your Self and your world, allowing profound healing and change at the causal level.

A basic understanding of the Presence Process journey is given along with some of the life-changing exercises from the book. The ability to be more present and share our lives from the space of Presence is just one of the overall effects of these two dynamic tools coming together.

  • NO PREREQUISITES with Introductory Trainings.
  • One may skip directly into the Personal Seminar (or Level 1, 2 and 3).
  • NOT required for Professional Certification.

  • ​Led by TBF Trainer Laura Altamira and Linnea Beek Hansen and staffed with Certified Facilitator Bodil Krenzen.

  • ​Friday 14th September 7.30 pm. for setteling in, a tour of the place + tea and bread.

  • ​Saturday we start at 8.00 am with breakfast and the course at 9.00 am.

  • ​Sunday we will finish at 4 pm.

  • ​Price for course: 360 Euro (425 USD) 2700 Dkr.
  • Price for full board: 175 Euro (205 USD) 1300 Dkr.               

The Presence of Breath™ Introductory Training offers a four full Transformational Breath® sessions combined in a program format with an introduction to the highly acclaimed "Presence Process" book by Michael G. Brown.

VIDEO: Watch Michael talk about Transformational Breath on YouTube


Here Judith Kravitz: The founder of Transformational Breath® and the Michael Brown - author of The presence process

Read more about the Transformational Breath®

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