Transformational breath®​ Level I,II+III Seminar

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Did you know that how you breathe tell a unique story?

Transformational Breath®, this 6 days seminar is a journey for deep personal healing and transformation.

Through working with the breath and bodywork we can access personal habits, experiences and memories stored deep in the subconscious.

The transformation happens both on a physical, an emotional and a spiritual level and is profound and permanent.

We invite you to experience the wisdom and healing found in your own breath.

This week will contain daily breath sessions, light movement, powerful music, body mapping, sound, theory and much much more.

Transformational Breath®

- a tool for self healing and a gift that keeps on giving.

The master key to experiencing growth in any area in your life.

Besides being a seminar for personal healing and transformation, this course is also the first part in the journey of becoming a certified Transformational Breath® facilitator.

Should you wish to share this technique with other people or add to your current healing practice.​


​Linnea Beek Hansen

Transformational Breath® Co-trainer, Teacher, Dreamreader & Life Coach​

Co-facilitated by seniortrainer Helle Mortensen Thomson.


DKK 13.600 ALL inclusive. (course manual, all meals, double occupancy)

Singleroom DKK 600,- extra.

1830 Euro

    80 euro extra for singleroom

Friday 25th May 4 p.m. until Thursday 31th May 2pm. 2018.

The course will be taught in English, with Danish translation when needed.

(Sign up for Transformational Breath® seminar (level 1, 2 and 3))

Previous participants said about this course:

"Incredibly expanding, uplifting and eye opening. It was amazing to feel how I was seen and met and lifted from wherever I was”.

~ D. Larsen

"An amazing journey. Gift yourself this experience, You are in the safest hands!

3 amazing facilitators; loving, caring, space holding, intuitive, enthusiastic, engaged, grounded and spiritual.

I have felt so embraced in love. I have felt a kind of love I don’t remember feeling. Thank you for your infectious joy, loving kindness and for creating such safe surroundings for me.

My otherwise chronic pains are diminished”

~ C. Honoré

"I have benefitted from and have enjoyed every minute. I have gone deeper this week, than I have with any other technique. A life changing week! I received the help and tools I needed to resolve trauma and disillusions in me. For the first time in my life I truly have the feeling that I am allowed to be me and nothing else! ~ E. La Cour

”I have never met facilitators as empathetic as Helle Thomson and her assistant. (And I have participated in a lot of courses in my time) ~ L. E Hansen

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