​​Feng Shui is ancient art of healing the space. By healing the space we also heal ourselves as undivided part of the space we call „home“.

Feng Shui healing is based on balancing five universal elements (water, soil, wood, fire, metal) present in our space as acupuncture balances five elements in human (and animal) body. The main goal of Feng Shui and acupuncture is to remove all obstacles that can stop or change the quality of Chi energy flow through space or body.

Chi energy is base of life and health on our planet.

During our workshop we will explore interaction between space we live or work in and us. We will detect the obstacles and how they effect different aspects of our life:

  • Work
  • Learning
  • ​Familly
  • ​Money
  • ​Success
  • ​Love
  • ​Future
  • ​Spirituality
  • ​Health

We will find solutions, actually three solutions for each obstacle or chelenge detected in the space

because old Chinese proverb says:“For every problem there are three solutions“.

Welcome to



workshop based on

  • the principles of Chinese traditional medicine - Feng Shui - art of healing the space
  • the principles of Western astrology


04:00 to 05:00 pm Arrival: shown to rooms and opportunity for a cup of coffee or tea

05:15 pm Tour of the centre and introducing the Feng Shui plan of Stensbaek

06:00 pm Dinner

07:00 pm Intro/instructions about „Space stories“ workshop +

Making the PAPER HOUSE (model of the space in which you live or work)

followed by the opportunity for a cup of coffee or tea


08:00 am Meditation (optional)

08:30 am Breakfast

09:30 am We will meet and start our workshop by drinking detoxifying juices

and telling our stories to eachother

(with break in between)

Start: astrology analysis and suggestions about certain aspects of life that should be supported by Feng Shui remedies in space you live or work in.

Short course on using compass and sketching the layout of the space you live or work in

12:30 pm Lunch break

02:00 pm Astrology analysis and suggestions about certain aspects of life that should be supported by Feng Shui remedies in space you live or work in.

Short course on using compass and sketching the layout of the space in which you live or work

(with break in between)

Time for 5 Tao stories

about 5 elements (Water, Soil, Wood, Fire, Metal) and their role in space in which you live or work

06:00 pm Dinner

07:30 pm 5 Elements music meditations

+ Creative expression (movements, speaking out, writing, drawing, painting…etc)


08:00 am Meditation (optional)

08:30 am Breakfast

09:30 am Making LOCAL SPACE maps


Time for 9 stories hidden in the space you live or work in –about impact of space on 9 aspects of our life:

  • Work - Career
  • ​Learning and Balance in our life
  • ​Familly
  • ​Money+Wealth
  • ​Success
  • ​Partnership+Love
  • ​Creativity+Children
  • ​Spirituality
  • ​Health

(with break in between)

12:30 pm Lunch break

01:30 pm Trip to forest

(collecting natural materials for creating Feng Shui remedies)

02:30 pm


“Prescribing” Feng Shui remedies for the space we live or work in.

Setting Feng Shui remedy for one aspect of our life in building of Stensbaek

04:00 pm Tea break with snacks and departure.

Why we analyse your natal chart in this workshop?

You may have wondered what it would be like if somebody offered your parents (when you were born) to see your potentials, the gifts you brought to this beautiful world, what you can, your colors, your desires and weaknesses. 

Where would you have been if led by awareness of who you are and why you came to this beautiful world?

Be your own „parent“ today (it's never too late) and take a look at your natal horoscope.

Then use some of the Feng Shui or Local Space Map remedies and help yourself to develop your potentials.



Wherever we go, travel or move, we carry our unique „print“ of the planet of the Solar System with us. The positions of the planets in the sky at the moment of our birth give us the potential that we can develop and use on our life course. Each planet acts on some part of our lives and it is good to be aware of the quality of this action in order to have better control over what is happening to us in life. Our planets (with the specific position they had at the time of our birth) follow us to every place we enter, live with us in our house, they are with us at workplace, at school, in the hotel room on vacation ... Wherever we go, they are with us because under their influence we are what we are. In order to successfully develop the potentials given by birth, we need to provide a harmonious space for us as well as for each planet - to "work" for us, not against us. We can do this by doing the folowing:



If we do so planets will suport us. By creating a local space map that is unique for each individual, we discover the paths that the planets "pass through" our space.

“What are the "desires" (eg) of the Moon:

In this part of your space should be peace, without a lot of sounds and action. The light should be dimmed. The Moon line is an ideal place for bedding. It is a good place for art and music. If you want to establish contact with your feminine side of personality and the qualities it gives you should meditate on the Moon line. “


Nela Alilovic

Born in Yugoslavia (Serbia) on 5th of August 1973.

Zodiac sign: leo – aquarius ascendent

Homeopath, feng shui consultant, puppet designer, translator...

Studies: astrology and veterinarian homeopathy...

Lives in Tønder, Denmark

e-mail: nelaalilovic@yahoo.dk

skype: nalilovic

+45 501 242 77

Friday June 1st. 4pm until Sunday 3rd 4pm

Price: 2850,-/2700,- kr. singleroom 300,- kr. extra

The course can be translated into Danish.​

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