Transformational Breath® ​Level IV-A:

Is the first part of the Transformational Breath® Certified Facilitator Training. During this seven-day training you will develop the skills to work with individual clients; body mapping, breathing analysis, psycho-spiritual counseling, significant areas integrated by transformational breath, the dynamics of a Transformational Breath® session, the role of the facilitator, among others. At the same time, you will go deeper in your own process by strengthening your daily practice, understanding of miracle consciousness and learning to observe your reflection in the people around you. You will have a daily breathing exercise and a full facilitated session. 

The best way to learn Transformational Breath® is by practicing the technique, this is a hands-on training where everything will be explained and then practiced under the guidance of the staff.

This is a week of profound transformation and empowerment where you will be fully immersed in the deep knowledge needed to work with yourself and others with this powerful self-healing tool.

The expanded residential Facilitator Training Program (parts A & B) is guaranteed to increase your personal creative expression and to provide profound Transformational breathwork experiences.

The Certification Program provides:

In-depth personal tutoring and mentoring​

  • Knowledge, skills, and application of Transformational Breath® on a professional level, through exposure, with immediate feedback
  • Advanced breathing analysis techniques
  • ​Enlightened coaching skills
  • ​Expansion of intuitive capabilities
  • ​Accelerated personal growth and evolution through the reflective process in a residential environment
  • An international family network of breathers & facilitators
  • A deeper commitment to Transformational Breath®

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​Friday 22nd June arrival latest 7 pm for dinner

The course starts Saturday 23rd June at 9 am
Until Friday the 29th June 3pm.

Tuition: 1590 Euro for course + manual.

Full board with 100% organic food: 650 Euro double- or tripleroom
                                                         740 Euro in singleroom.

Led by seniortrainer Eugenia Altamira and assisted by experienced trainers and facilitators.

See flyer from the course here: ( click to open PDF )

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