Your intelligent body - METAhealth

Teacher: Lars Mygind

This course will change your vision on diseases, symptoms and provide you with new opportunities to release you from your ailments and infirmities.​

On 'Your intelligent body' you will learn:

  • the causes of disease.​
  • that the biological processes have two phases.
  • that the connection between body-mind-spirit are stronger than we previously thought.
  • that emotional chock combined with legacy and environmental influences is cause of symptoms.
  • how to use the METAhealth theory compared to e.g. cancer, skin problems, headaches, colds, dental issues, backache etc.
  • Practical exercises.

With the background in METAhealth/TFT/EFT​ and our experiences, we will share an overview of which feelings/traumas/life situations, which can lead up to the different symptoms. We have met a large number people with illnesses and it is obvious that this overview has a tremendous accuracy. When we realize the connection the self healing process will run much more smoothly.

In the course we will practice simple exercises to draw forward submerged feelings and incidents, which leads to diseases. This knowledge is very a very useful supplement to traditional treatment and other kinds of therapy. The course is addressed to everyone, whom may be interested in personal or other peoples health. If you would like to move on and receive a diploma in METAhealth/TFT/EFT, this course also grants access to this education.

Please bring:

Indoor shoes, notepad and lunch.
​We recommend that the participants have seen the DVD on METAhealth with Lars Mygind, have read or listened to 'Your intelligent body' by Susanne Billander and/or the danish book 'Fra kræft til kraft' by Kolås, Madsen & Helgerud.
​The material can be purchased in Lars Mygind's webshop.

Release the tension - and learn to help other people to let go of their unease.

A basic course in Tankefeltterapi (TFT) and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).
​The perfect tool combined with METAhealth, which can ease or make physical and psychical unease fade.

  • Have you tried many methods and techniques without any result?
  • Are you ready to put aside everything you tried previously and learn something new?

If you responded: Yes.

You will now learn an efficient self-help tool.​

Many participants have experienced miracles in these courses after only one single treatment.

​We have treated participants for i.a. PTSD, anxiety, phobia, low self-esteem, tv-addiction, writers blockage, grief and loss, fibromyalgia, psychical and physical pain.

Basis techniques

On five intensive days you will learn all the basis techniques within Tankefeltterapi (TFT), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and METAhealth.​

​You will learn to treat your-self and your closest for very common causes to unease.

​Through a appropriate mix of theory, practical exercises and shown treatments, you will become confidential with this simple method, which can be used as treatment in all kinds of issues - mental, emotional and physical.

With METAhealth, TFT og EFT you can efficiently treat:

  • Stress
  • Addictions
  • Traumas
  • Phobias
  • Feelings e.g. grief, broken heart, anger
  • PTSD
  • Physical pain
  • Psychical pain

Sunday the 26th of May  8pm until Friday the 31st 3 pm.


All inclusive and accommodation in doubleroom: DKK 7900,- /DKK 7100,-

Without accommodation: DKK 6100,- / DKK 5400,-. Coffee/tea, fruit and snacks are included here.​

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