​Renewed Life Force

We live in a time where everything is so convenient, but we are just not designed for this purpose.

  • Often we are available 24/7 ​
  • A great deal of us have too little variation in our everyday life.
  • Either we exercise to little or in a stressful way.
  • We have ignored our body's signals too long, and can't make up what it means anymore.
  • We eat too much processed food, which doesn't nurture the body with the natural building blocks it needs.

Life force tells us about the way we handle everyday challenges in life.

We want to provide you with new insights and tools which you can bring with you home and adjust to your everyday life, so that you can make your energy level and life force bloom.

In the Renewed Life Force course you will get the opportunity to withdraw and go on an inner journey. We will take a tour in the holistic aspect, where body, mind and spirit are connected through​ mental, emotional and psychic exercises.

The course will also suggest talks and and exchange experiences regarding forgiveness, personal and spiritual development.

  • Joint meditation, where the participants will be guided into deep relaxation.
  • An individual treatment*.
  • Yoga, which soothes the nervous system, strengthens and harmonizes the body.
  • Walks or hikes in the surrounding, unique nature.
  • An opportunity to visit Gram - a castle town, historical Ribe or perhaps a refreshing dip in the energetic Northern Sea on Rømø.
  • Bonfire night.
  • Relaxation, singing and having a nice time.
  • A night with a feel-good movie.

*There will be opportunity to chose among different treatments e.g. Sound massage, Dream reading, Healing, Coaching, Foot reflexology or Transformational Breath®
​If you were to be tempted to try more than one treatment, this can be purchased for DKK 500.00 per treatment.

Our amazing team will make sure, that you will be nurtured with delicious and tasty organic/biodynamic food and a homemade delights in the afternoon.

Please notice that our own establishment - Forest Café - is open on sundays where you can buy a nice Caffé Latte or some of the other great coffees or refreshments.

Look forward to an unforgettable week, which will provide you with renewed life force.

6th July 4 pm. until 12th July 10 am .

Price: 4900.00 DKK
​4400.00 DKK for students, senior or unemployed.
​For single room there will be an additional cost of 600.00 DKK

(Registration for the course Renewed Life Force)

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The vision of The Holistic Course Centre: 

May every human being experience a life in peace and freedom.

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