​The infinite possibilities of me

Words are powerful, whether we just think them, they are spoken, or we put them on paper; they carry our willpower in them.

At this event we will explore the power of our words and the stories we tell ourselves, we will work on our personal story and step into the world of infinite possibilities as we re-write it.

The Infinite Possibilities of Me® writing workshop is the heart of our week and everything else we will do has been specifically chosen to help enhance what we will create in this workshop. You do not need to be a writer to join us, the intention here is to explore what our personal story can be if we move beyond our limiting beliefs. We will have great tools to play with that will spark your creativity and empower you to write about and most importantly to live the life you want.

This will be a powerful week where we will embrace our true self, our innate perfection, while we nurture ourselves within a powerful circle of like-minded individuals.

Here’s what to expect during the week we will spend together.

  • 100% Organic vegetarian meals
  • Daily tune in exercise
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Transformational Breath®
  • Nature Walks
  • Learn about the benefits of essential oils and create a personalized, inspiring and unique mix for your use
  • Get to be part of an amazing new community

About the venue:

Located in Gram, Denmark, few places are as magical and powerful as STENSBÆK DEN HOLISTISKE HØJSKOLE. Their vision is for all people to experience life in peace and freedom. Their goal is to inspire and motivate course participants in order for them to get a renewed appetite for life and increased clarity in relation to themselves and life in general.

You can relax in the gardens, enjoy the peaceful forest walking paths, read a book in the café or enjoy some private time in your room whenever you feel the need.

August 17. august from 4.00 p.m. to August 23 1.00 p.m.

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4.725 DKK / 630 EUR in shared accommodation with full organic board

4.095 DKK / 548 EUR in shared accommodation with full organic board, on lower income.

5.355 DKK / 718 EUR in single room with full organic board

4.725 DKK / 630 EUR in single room with full organic board, on lower income.

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Led by Laura Altamira: 

Laura is an entrepreneur and Certified Transformational Breath® Trainer. She firmly believes the only way to teach is by example and that life has a sneaky way of preparing you for what you need, even if you only realize it after the fact. She acquired her coaching and teaching skills the hard way; her nature is evenly split between being incredibly driven to succeed and being a master procrastinator and self-saboteur. This forced her to find strategies to keep herself in check and she had an incredibly successful 20-year career in sales and management.

After a series of personal losses in 2014 and 2015 that triggered severe PTSD and anxiety crisis, she was forced to rethink where she wanted to go with her life and (as it often happens) feeling terrible and at a loss led to personal growth and change.

Laura knows first-hand how easy is to step into a place of self-limiting beliefs and actions, this is precisely why she fully embraced the world of Personal and Spiritual Growth and made a new career from it. Together with her sister, Eugenia, she runs Respiremos® a Transformational Breath® training company that co-organizes over 24 events per year, worldwide. Goddess Alchemy is their newest venture where they are focusing on other ways to help and empower people around the world.​

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The vision of The Holistic Course Centre: 

May every human being experience a life in peace and freedom.

Stensbæk - The holistic centre

Stensbækvej 29

6510 Gram

Phone: ​+45 51 36 18 09​

E-mail: info@holistisk-hojskole.dk

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Stensbæk Den Holistiske Højskole
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