​The joy of being highly sensitive

- a personal and spiritual journey into your sensitivity.

All people are sensitive in a larger or smaller scale. But around 15-20% of us are born more susceptible and perceivable than others. It means that by comparison to other people, our nervous-system senses and register far more impressions, both outer and inner.

We process all the impressions on a deeper level and in a more nuanced way than others. To many people and my-self as well - the sensitive also owns a spiritual aspect.

As highly sensitive we hold many qualities and strengths, and can experience great pleasure in life. We tend to get into trouble if we're not being mirrored in our sensitive traits, or if we don't understand the whole issue about being highly sensitive.
​When this is the issue, we are in danger of getting stressed, depressed and perhaps anxious. We will tend to live our lives on the wrong premises and out of reach of our inner self.

Luckily it does not have to be this way!

It is possible to create a life, where you experience the joy and freedom when being highly sensitive.

Highly sensitive course content:

  • What does it mean to be highly sensitive?
  • How are you sensitive?
  • A spiritual understanding of the sensitive
  • You create an overview of your highly sensitive qualities and your everyday challenges.
  • You will learn to create a foundation of love and care for yourself, so you in the future will stay grounded in the world.
  • You will learn to calculate your energy-account and avoid being overstimulated, and how to calm yourself if it happens anyway.
  • We will discuss the prejudices about the highly sensitive personality-trait and the challenges of being highly sensitive in a society, where the remaining 80% are being idealized.
  • How do you nurture yourself as a whole human being - thoughts, feelings, body and soul? We will focus our attention on body-awareness, creativity, meditation, energy, laughter, sounds, grounding and the nature.
  • We will involve the participants experiences and needs in the teaching.
  • We have planned a mix of discussion, individual work and in small teams with the prospect to exchange experiences.
  • Within the course plan we have considered alone-time for reflection, processing and to digest.

In my company Sensitiv Frihed (sensitive freedom) I work to spread the knowledge about the highly sensitive personality-trait, as a strenght and a different contribution to the society.

I am a member of the board in the HSP association (Association for highly sensitive).

A week course for highly sensitive with Bente Sønnichsen,

In this week we will go on a enriching and educative journey into the joy and freedom of our sensitive being, and I really look forward to it.

​Saturday 10th August 4 pm. until Friday 16th August 10 am.


Accommodation in double/tripleroom DKK 4700.00
​Senior citizens and students: DKK 4200.00

Singleroom is an additional cost of DKK 600.00

(Registration for The joy of being highly sensitive)

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