Below is a brief overview of Stensbæk, since its construction in 1939.

If you would like to read more about Stensbæk's history, you can read an article by Christa Lange for the Sønderjyske Almanac of 2014.

Stensbæk's history


Stensbæk camp was built in 1939 as National Youth Camp Stensbæk by the Labour & Health Ministry. The camp had room for 100 boarders, young men who had long been unemployed. Today, Stensbæk camp is the only labour camp in Denmark still standing.


The war began and the Germans took over the camp and created offices. Towards the end of the war it was used as a refugee camp for German refugees from Prussia and Poland.

1945 -1948

Allied refugees were here, primarily from Latvia.

1948 -2000

State Technical Working Youth / Special Work School / AMU Centre.


Bosnian refugees are placed at Stensbæk on the 6th of November.


The Forest and Nature Agency of Lindet State Forest uses a small part of the building as offices.


Haderslev municipality couldn't find a use for the buildings, after Lindet State Forest District moved out. Abandoned buildings can't stand on land belonging to the Nature Ministry and so the City Council set aside an allowance in the budget for 2009 for the demolition of Stensbæk Camp.


Stensbæk, The Holistic Centre moves into the buildings in September.


The school holds its first courses in the summer.

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The vision of The Holistic Course Centre: 

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