Food has a central role at the school because we believe that food affects us on both a physical and mental level.

For meals, we try to ensure that all senses are stimulated. When planning the menu, we emphasize both colors and shapes. The kitchen prepares produce with love and care, and the dishes are presented beautifully.

We serve tasty dishes that are mostly vegetarian.

All food served at the school is organic or biodynamic. The school itself has a large garden where we grow some of the vegetables ourselves. It brings us great joy to see our vegetables growing in the garden, and to prepare them the same day we harvested them.

We try to meet your wishes if you have special needs and requirements as regards to food.

Please write or call us in advance so we can be prepared in this case.

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Vision of The Holistic Centre are that all people may experience a life of peace and freedom.

Stensbæk - The holistic centre

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Stensbæk Den Holistiske Højskole
Stensbækvej 29
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