It is largely thanks to a big group of volunteers putting their work, thoughts and heart into our joint project that it has been possible to start and run Stensbæk, the Holistic Centre.

We strive to realize our vision and we are glad there are many people who want to help us with this.

The ethos "peace and freedom for all" can be lived at the Centre. Here, there is an infinite number of possibilities for a satisfying experience: a great encounter with another human being, experiencing nature, a job done well, interaction and cooperation with others, all working towards peace and freedom.

Voluntary support can come in many different ways. We have enjoyed the help of people who support the centre physically, in terms of giving a hand with practical tasks. We receive financial support from those who feel that we need it. We constantly receive positive comments from those who send the Centre loving thoughts and good old-fashioned moral support.

If you come to Stensbæk with an open mind, and give a bit of yourself, there is a reward waiting: A lifelong "love affair" with the place and all unfolding here. We believe that's why volunteering at the centre is precious for both sides and how there always remains a balance between what you give and what you receive.

If you want to participate as a volunteer in one way or another, you are very welcome to contact us by mail or telephone. You can read more about what you can do as a volunteer here.

Maybe you could start as many others have before by becoming a member of our association, or as we call it, a ”sunbeam.”

Become a sunbeam

We now also have a communal working day every last Saturday of the month. Everybody is welcome to join in with that.

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The vision of The Holistic Course Centre: 

May every human being experience a life in peace and freedom.

Stensbæk - The holistic centre

Stensbækvej 29

6510 Gram

Phone: ​+45 51 36 18 09​


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