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Frank van Beek - Treasurer

I was born in 1968 on a Dutch tulip nursery. I am married to Linnea, and have a son called Theis and a stepson called Peer. I live in Enderupskov, just a stone's throw away from the Centre and its magnificent forest. I am part of this project because I hope to make a difference in the world. I think I can use this desire to help the school flourish.

The garden is where I go to relax, and it's really great to have our giant vegetable garden where we can grow many of the vegetables we eat at the Centre. There are few more life-affirming things than to pick your fresh home-grown vegetables from the garden and make food for everyone at the Centre with them. I am convinced that there are more things in heaven and earth than we can see, but I still appreciate being grounded. After all, the ground is what we're standing on right now :)

Gitte Paulsen – Chairman

I have been part of the volunteer team since 2010 and I joined the board in 2012. My motivation for being in the Board is that it supports and has a say in the school's overall direction and goals. I think it is enriching that we can cooperate on the vision for the Centre.

I would like to contribute towards making the Centre a friendly place where people develop and thrive.

I was born in 1964 and I live in Aabenraa. I am married to Mats and together we have three children, the last one still living at home and going to college. I am a trained physical therapist and psychotherapist.

Bjarne Boesen - Kasserer

​Jeppe Berg Sandvej - Bestyrelsesmedlem

Grethe Hansen​ - Bestyrelsesmedlem

​Konni Jørgensen - Bestyrelsesmedlem

Pernille Paungreen - Boardmember

I am a trained forest ranger and work for the Nature Board. My family and I are thrilled to be neighbors of the Centre. My partner, daughter and I live in a forester's house, just a stone's throw away from the Centre, and have in recent years felt like a part of the daily life of the Centre. A rare, welcoming and fine atmosphere envelops the place and we have time and again been lead by our feet through the woods toward the Centre, having stepped out of our front door. This has led to many good and inspiring experiences, planned as well as spontaneous. I am grateful to be part of the board, because it means I can support efforts to further the growth of the Centre, as a thank you for all that we have been given by the place. I have practiced meditation, based on an ancient yoga method for many years and find myself driven to balance the material and the spiritual side of my life .​

Lars Joost – Boardmember

Generally, I am called Joost, and I am 43 years old.

I have been an independent restaurateur for five years and I live near the sea in Haderslev.

I have a lot of professional experience with working with the senses and with people.

It was by chance that I got acquainted with the spiritual world, if you believe in coincidence that is.

I'm not religious, but I am convinced that much exists that we can't see and that basically everything is energy. We, and all living things, are part of an eternal cycle.

I am open to many things, tolerant and compassionate. There must be room for diversity - as in my eyes, it makes us stronger.

I have a belief in virtually everything between heaven and earth, and I like to try new things. Ask me about something, and I usually take a position on it, but I maintain great respect for the individual as well.

I am on the Board with the hope of spreading the word about the wonder of everything that exists in the alternate world, and in particular to be an ambassador for the Centre and its vision and mission.​

Birthe Marie Jorgensen – Vice-Chairman

I live in Bramming, where I work as a primary school teacher. In my spare time I like to read books about different existential issues, and when possible, I like to go hiking either in Denmark or abroad, almost as a pilgrimage. I also enjoy a little yoga. I am also committed to work around Jette Dahl rigidly priest for spiritual seekers in Ribe Diocese.

Moreover, I participate in a study group at the school based on "A Course in Miracles".

My interest in spirituality is broad, and I find inspiration in both eastern and western spirituality.

That is why I find the Holistic Centre so important: it is a lovely place where people can meet and be together in a warm, stimulating and safe environment and where you can find different angles of approaching spirituality.

As a member of The Holistic Centre Board, I would therefore like to contribute to support and develop the Centre with everything it stands for.

Bodil Krenzen – Boardmember

I live on an old farm just north of Esbjerg, 300 meters from the Wadden Sea. The house is old and creaky. It has a lot of soul. The garden is large and "wild" with space for the fauna that wants to live there. There we use neither fertilizers, nor pesticides, as we have bees. Weeds are no longer weeds, but useful plants that fuel the bees. I love to watch the bees. It provides peace of mind...

Peace of mind is also what I find at the Holistic Centre. There is spaciousness and a heaven on earth here in more than one sense. Nature invites us to be silent and to contemplate, to sense and feel, grow and flourish and to be. Just that - and more.

I am part of the Board because the Centre has an important function. The work is based on a holistic view of human nature. I think it is important to work with human nature. The centre has the perfect setting to show how this can be "lived" in practice.

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